Salman khan Out? : Farah Khan - The New Host In Bigg Boss 8?
Salman khan Out? : Farah Khan - The New Host In Bigg Boss 8?
Bigg Boss 8 is a show filled with surprises, rumors and unexpected events. The show, currently hosted by Bollywood’s popular actor Salman Khan, is going to extend by a month. The reason of extension is because of the low TRPs at the beginning of the season, which is taking a rise since last few weeks.
The latest buzz about Bigg Boss 8 flowing over is the entry of Farah Khan as the new host of the show! The contract of the show with Salman Khan was till January, and he has to start his shoot for his next movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan. So, the rumors around says Farah Khan is going to step into Salman Khan’s shoes for February 2014. 

This news is however not yet confirmed by anyone, but the team of Bigg Boss had discussions related to the extensions with the contestants, for which the latter agreed. The popular Bollywood celebrities Anil Kapoor and Karan Johar were offered first, but they refused. Later, Farah Khan was approached as she is a big fan of the show, who agreed to the proposal. 

Although many rumors about the reality shows fly from here to there, only few of them land in a true field. So, the audiences can wait and watch and of course enjoy the popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 as they do always. Stay updated to know more about the masala of Bigg Boss 8 house, and to know about your favorite contestants of the show!